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A Modded Enhanced Vanilla Gameplay Experience!


Valhelsia Enhanced Vanilla is a beautifully curated modpack that sticks close to vanilla gameplay while enhancing the Minecraft experience.

Community driven

Our modded server is as close to a vanilla multi-player experience as possible. This means no claims or grief prevention.

Future opportunity

The modded Minecraft server is an experiment we are embarking on which will determine future hardware and hosting decisions.

Expect a Challenge

Modded Minecraft is challenging! This is not that same relaxing experience as vanilla Minecraft! If you want a more chill experience, check out our main vanilla Paper server.

Version Management

Valhelsia releases are consistent. We weigh our decision to update based on major changelog items and how they might impact our players and the world.

Same Rules

The same rules apply here as they do in the main server. Just because you "can" do more in modded Minecraft i.e. griefing, stealing, etc. that doesn't mean you should!

A Pure Valhelsia Enhanced Vanilla Experience

We do our best to offer a pure Valhelsia Enhanced Vanilla experience. There are no homes, warps or teleport commands outside the built-in Waystones and Arcanus mods. Since this is a new endeavour for us, we welcome player feedback. Your voice matters!

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