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Focused on the Experience and the Atmosphere

We love Minecraft, and we think we can take to the next level. Inspired heavily by Valhelsia Enhanced Vanilla, More Lore is a highly-curated modpack built around the Fabric 1.19.2 ecosystem! There are, however, some notable differences of opinion as far as the creative direction of our pack and the Valhelsia team's pack. Most notably, we want to avoid unnecessary mods, that add little to nothing to the player's experience and focus more on exploration, structures, and organic additions that fit into the Vanilla Minecraft experience.

The current working mod list can be viewed here: Current Mod List.

Our Official Modded Enhanced Vanilla Gameplay Experience!

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More Lore aims to be a beautifully curated modpack that sticks close to vanilla gameplay while enhancing and complementing the Vanilla Minecraft experience.

Light Weight

More Lore aims to keep a small footprint. It's focused on features, substance, and useful utilities, not "fluffy extras" that don't add anything to the gameplay.

Beautiful and Atmospheric

We want to create an experience that focuses on improving current in-game utilities, audio and visuals without alienating itself from the overall Vanilla Minecraft experience.

We're doing a lot of testing

We have expect the client pack to stay in beta on Curseforge over the next 4-6 months (i.e. Feb-April 2023). Since this is a new endeavour for us, we welcome feedback. We'll put more out on Discord as we make large-scale changes.

Send your Ideas

Complimentary Reimagined Shaders Baked In!

The pack comes with both Complimentary Reimagined and Complimentary v4 already installed. We defaulted to reimagined because it brings back some really nostalgic vibes to the Super Duper Graphics project announcement that Mojang abandoned years ago. It truly makes the game come alive!

Official Website

Terrain Generation using Terralith

We absolutely love what Terralith brings to the game. In order to keep our pack compatible with our current world, we will continue to use it as we migrate our modded server to our own pack in 2024.

Amplified Nether

There is still a decision to be made on whether to go with BetterNether in combination.

Amplified Nether is a mod that aims to make the Nether 256 blocks tall while also bringing in the "Amplified" feel. This pack uses the newly introduced 1.18 features to create brand-new terrain in the Nether - with 3D biomes and tons of new terrain types. It also brings back the Nether mountains from the original Nether Update trailer.

Better End

This mod adds new biomes into the End and modifies existing ones. Each biome has its own atmosphere, resources and mobs. It features a custom skybox with purple nebulas and stars. All biomes have custom music, sounds, and effects to make them alive and interesting to explore. The Better End mod has a custom End generator and creates custom structures for the central island. With the new generator, all the islands will have different shapes, terrain, and will be on different, varying heights. Inside the islands you can also find caves with unique resources.

Tech Mods

Focused on storage, tools, and efficiency.


Gears, gears, and more gears! Create is our number one essential tech mod. It fits nicely into the game and offers a fun new dynamic to create your farms!

Applied Energistics

A Mod about Matter, Energy and using them to conquer the world. You will probably need to check out the link below for all the cool stuff this brings.

Tech Reborn

Tech Reborn is a completely standalone tech mod including tools and machines to gather resources. More info can be found using the link below.

Notable, Utility and Item Mods

Just a couple we've added on to the essential Valhelsia Enhanced Vanilla selection.

Warden Tools

Warden Tools adds a new tier of armor, weapons, and unique items giving our newest Boss a little more useful incentive to hunt down.

Ambient Sounds 5

More sounds. Smooth, engulfing, soundscapes that offer variety in your regions and biomes. Reworked engine with reverb and space-realism.

Advanced Netherite

Advanced Netherite is a configurable, vanilla friendly, open-source mod that adds in more tiers of Netherite!

Nether Chest

Like an Enderchest...but shared by everyone. A neat, new mechanic that's pretty useful in your multi-player worlds.

Notable, Structure and Exploration Mods

Making exploration in your Minecraft world interesting again without being overbearing and filling up your map.

Awesome Dungeon Nether Edition

Adds cool new structures to find and explore in the Nether. Be careful though, these places will definitely bring a challenge!

Additional Structures

Because you can never have enough cool stuff to explore in your world.


Cool new mobs and bosses to vary up your encounters from just Creepers, Zombies, and Skeletons.

Macaws' Packs

Most of Macaws' selection of decorative blocks, bridges, doors, lights, lamps and so much more!

All of Yun's Mods

So...much...awesome...can't keep going! So many new reworked structures that make Minecraft seem like a brand new game.


A huge selection of carefully crafted structures, ruins, and other cool stuff to help compliment your in-game lore.

More Villagers and Better Villages

New Villager professions nicely suited for awesome new village generation that actually makes villages cool again.

Towns and Towers Addon

A great complimentary set of other unique village types and generation to compliment, not replace, the Better Villages mod.

The Graveyard

A neat assortment of Macabre blocks to help decorate even the scariest of bases. This mod also includes cool structures throughout your world to explore.

These are just a few of the mods currently being tested in the pack. We've also included most of our favorite mods from Valhelsia Enhanced Vanilla too, but we've adjusted settings here and there to make the experience more in-line with what we want from our own gameplay experience. Stay up to date with our progress on Discord!