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The Noob Guide to Modded Minecraft

How to start prepared and not die in the first 15 Minutes.

We are currently updating the content of this page. We have just recently changed packs.

Downloading the More Lore Fabric Modpack

Which application launcher to use is dependent on your Operating System. If you are running on Mac or Windows, we highly recommend using the Curseforge App. You can download it here:


Curseforge makes updating your modpack extremely easy! You can do a search for "More Lore" and be up and running in no time.

If you are running on Linux (and we hope you are) be sure to check out Atlauncher. You can download and run Linux 64-bit binaries here:


Atlauncher is our recommended launcher of choice. It can install mod packs from Curseforge and Modrinth and upgrading / editing a current installation instance is a breeze.

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Getting Started - What to Expect

Modded Minecraft is challenging. You will likely die a lot in the beginning if you haven't played before. It's not your typical SMP experience. All the same elements are there, but mobs and dungeons are everywhere and getting your hands on good stuff in the early game can be time-consuming and dangerous. Unlike our main vanilla server, there are no wilderness grief prevention tools. This doesn't mean you can just join and start going wild defacing our map - our main server rules still apply so read them and be forewarned that if you ruin the game for other players, you will be banned. Players can claim chunks using the Open Parties and Claims mod.

CPU and RAM Intensive

We chose Fabric because of it's performance, but we're not going to lie to you: Modded Minecraft can eat up system resources, especially when in an area with loads of custom mobs and their competing AIs. We recommend you play with at least 8GB of RAM and a relatively modern processor with good single core performance. As this is an experimental path for us, we may flip platforms in the future.

Why More Lore?

We moved to our own pack to keep absolute creative freedom and to play using mods we like with people who love Minecraft. More Lore is considered an Enhanced Vanilla pack and although it currently has over 220 mods, it's still "light weight" compared to some other bloated packs out there like All of Fabric or Better Minecraft. Plus, we have taken the time to carefully integrate each mod, selectively tailoring functionality and behavior to compliment our desired end state.


Located at spawn is a colorless sharestone. We also recommend you create a marker on your client-side map by clicking b and giving it memorable name just in case you get lost and want to reorient yourself. Spawn features four distinct locations:

  • Blaze Powder The main Nether portal - which we don't recommend using until you've levelled up!
  • Blaze Powder A random teleporter which will shoot you out to a random somewhere within 2000 blocks.
  • Blaze Powder The spawn castle, which holds an pretty large villager trading hall, bounty boards, and admin shops. Feel free to setup shop and expand with us!

Settling Down

The pack includes the Open Parties and Claims grief prevention mod. Players are encouraged to utilize it to protect their stuff! We do pride ourselves on attracting and keeping honest and reliable players. However, with that said, you should be aware that if you build close to spawn, and you don't claim your property, you run the risk of being griefed. So far, as of this article, this hasn't happened, but that doesn't mean it won't.

Exploring the Map

Your map is stored locally on your own computer. As you explore, the map will open up for you. This pack uses Terralith and Regions Unexplored for terrain generation and the combo looks amazing! Don't rush in too settle down to fast. Use a sleeping mat early on to skip through the night (25% of players must also be sleeping). We recommend finding a village to get setup fast. Most of them feature a waystone which allows you to teleport early on. Some new Terralith villages feature awesome castles, or other large central buildings, to act as home base as you establish yourself on the server. You can also survey the map online here. The BlueMap is interactive and 3D!

General Considerations

Everything is completely earnable through dedication and hard work. Players will be at different levels. Some have already earned or found all kinds of top-tier stuff. Don't bug others to spoon-feed you mod info or give you items; It's bad taste. If staff notice you consistently doing so, you will be warned. If you keep doing it, you will be banned.

  • Diamond This pack offers really cool end game items such as Quantum Armor, which allows you to breath under-water, move really fast, and fly like you are in creative.
  • Diamond Cool artifacts can be found through exploration which offer unique buffs.
  • Diamond The world is constantly changing thanks to the Immersive weathering mod.
  • Diamond Your crops will grow weeds if they aren't planted on rich soil.
  • Diamond Areas around your base will have grass regrow and new trees sprout up.

How to Learn More

More Lore is a light-weight and high performance modpack that includes some neat tech to spice things up. You can check out our Wiki for more information on individual mods or tips and tricks form the community. You can also find the Applied Energistics and Tech Reborn wiki pages highly useful for all the late game storage and tech options.

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