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General Information

The current Spawn is located in the middle of a sprawling Badlands biome with real estate and player shops available for rent and purchase. Map resets are based on the balance of currently occupied vs. available land. If it starts getting crowded, we expand. If it fills up quicker, we start a new map.

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Max Players


To keep the experience balanced with our gameplay philosophy, most well-formed Villages have been protected and act as conveniently located hubs to sell goods, rent shops, and access the server's banking system

Spawn Screenshot

Plateau de Spawn

Spawn Screenshot

Spawn Admin Shops

Nether Hub Screenshot

Nether Hub Overworld

Nether Hub Screenshot

Nether Hub Nether-side

COG Screenshot

The COG (City of Gods)

Pixtropolis Screenshot


Dial it up to 11!

Enjoy a short video showcase of some of the beautiful locations and gameplay features on the server. The video was recorded using the latest version of Optifine and BSL shaders in both night and daytime environments. The video also showcases some of the beautiful new biomes of the Nether Update!

Optifine BSL Shaders

Right click to download video


Our goal is to keep the map clean and somewhat orderly. To make the experience more immersive, we encourage players to set up communities and build natural looking structures and foliage for realism. Large statues that detract from the overall appearance or just seem out of place i.e. cars, pokemon, or floating platforms are highly discouraged.

To assist with maintaining our natural resources in the over-world to the best extent possible, we have a resource world, resource nether, and resource end which automatically reset every seven days. We also offer admin shops in the Stimulus Trade Center (STC for short), located near the spawn plaza at coordinates 87, -25. The STC is open the first week of every month to buy bulk material like stone, dirt, sand etc. There are also a selection of shops that rotate for other special items. As of now, there is an End Shop, an Oceanic Material Shop, and a Redstone Shop. These three shops rotate on a monthly basis, but the bulk material store is always there for all your building needs!

The following commands allow access to each resource world:

  • Resource Overworld: /resource tp
  • Resource Nether: /resource tp nether
  • Resource End: /resource tp end

Ranks - Requirements and Perks

Currently there are eight server permission groups with five achievable ranks. The system is simple and gameplay is much more inline with survival Minecraft in the beginning. You start without the ability to warp and are only given one home location. /home and /spawn are the only free warp commands in the game. As players progress, more home locations can be earned. Only Citizens and above have access to public warps (at a cost). Nobles are the only rank that can create their own warps.

Vagrant Rank Icon


Basic essentials commands and one home location.


  • None
Drifter Rank Icon


In addition to all basic permissions, Drifters gain the ability to use the /condense command to turn all applicable items into blocks. Drifters are allowed two home locations.


  • Emerald Have 50 Emerald Coins in the Bank
  • Playtime Playtime of 60 minutes
Member Rank Icon


In addition to all Drifter permissions, members gain the ability to use the portable /ec ender chest command to interact with their ender chest from any location. They also get a total of three home locations.


  • Emerald Have 500 Emerald Coins in the Bank
  • Playtime Playtime of 8 hours
  • Nether Fire Must be initiated in the Nether!
Citizen Rank Icon


Citizens have access to /warp commands for public warps, the /craft command for a portable workbench, and are allowed five home locations. They can also catch mobs with chicken eggs!


  • Emerald Pay 1000 Emerald Coins for Citizenship Fee
  • Playtime Playtime of 16 hours
  • Experience Sacrifice 10 levels of Experience
  • Mob Kills Have a total mob kill count of 200 or more
Noble Rank Icon


Nobles have the ability to create their own public warps. Nobles also have access to 10 private home locations and access to unique server regions other players don't have access to.


  • Emerald Pay 5000 Emerald Coins for induction to the Noble Order
  • Experience Sacrifice 45 Levels of Experience
  • Mob Kills Have a total mob kill count of 500 or more

Plugins & Commands

PixelFish uses a minimal amount of plugins to enhance the survival experience without being too excessive. This also includes access to the beautifully rendered dynmap which can be found here. Below is a list of common commands to help you get up and running.


*[] indicates a required variable

Command Description
/afk Will mark you AFK (All members are kicked after being AFK for 5 min)
/back Will warp you back to the last location before you teleported.
/balance or /money Will display your emerald bank balance
/balancetop or /baltop Citizen and Above Will display the emerald bank balances ot the top players.
/condense Drifter and Above All items in your inventory will be condensed into their respective block forms.
/craft or /workbench Citizen and Above Will open a crafting menu without the need to carry the crafting bench with you.
/delhome [name] Will delete the named home location
/disposal or /trash Will open up a trash can to remove unwanted items from your inventory
/enderchest or /ec Member and Above Gives you access to your Enderchest from anywhere in the world.
/help Display help for a given command or list commands available to you
/home [name] Will teleport you to the selected home location
/mail built in mail system to send and read personal mail to and from other players.
/mute [playername] Will mute a player from your chat. Good for trolls...
/seen [playername] Will display the last time a certain player was online.
/sell Allows you to sell any of the following for emeralds from anywhere in the world: diamonds, diamond blocks, gold ingots, gold blocks, gold nuggets, iron ingots, iron blocks and iron nuggets.
/spawn Will teleport you to spawn.
/suicide Exactly what it sounds like.
/warp [name] Citizen and Above Allows you to warp to the public warp at a cost of 10 Emeralds.

GriefPrevention (Land Claiming)

Players start out with 400 Claim blocks and gain 50 additional blocks per hour of gameplay. All players max out at 6000 claim blocks earned from gameplay, regardless of rank. Players can buy additional claim blocks. To claim your first area, place a chest down. The first chest you place will automatically create a 10 block x 10 block claim around it. The corners of your claim will be represented as gold blocks with glowstone showing the corner directions. Players can click their claim with a stick at anytime to see the outline of their claim.

To resize your claim you will need to use a golden shovel. Using your golden shovel, click a corner and then click somewhere else to expand or reshape your claim. It's that easy! The original chest does not have to remain where you placed it to keep the claim. If, for some reason, a player decides to move, claims can be abandoned by using /abandonclaim and all claim blocks will be added back to the player's total balance. If you want to create a non-adjacent claim, just shift click with your golden shovel to create another area. Here's a few of the top commands to know:

Command Description
/abandonclaim Deletes the claim you're standing in.
/buyclaimblocks [number] Will buy additional claim blocks at $0.75 emerald coins per block.
/sellclaimblocks [number] Will sell unused claim blocks at $0.50 emerald coins per block.
/trust [playername] Gives another player permission to edit in your claim.
/untrust [playername] Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim.
/accesstrust [playername] Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds.
/containertrust [playername] Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.
/trustlist Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in.
/trapped Gets a player out of a land claim they're if they get trapped inside.

A full list of GriefPrevention claim commands can be found here.

Claims can be only be established in the main Over-world and main Nether! Claims expire after 20 days of player inactivity. Also, if you are having trouble using basic Redstone items i.e. hoppers, pistons, etc - make sure you are building in claimed space. Global perms prevent certain actions.

LWC Protections

LWC is a single block protection plugin that protects both the block itself and the contents of chests, furnaces, and dispensers. It can also protect any other blocks, and by default will also protect doors (wooden + iron), signs and trap doors

Command Description
/lwc The LWC command for everything, however aliases are available to make some commands shorter. Type /lwc in-game for more detailed help.
/chopper {on|off} Will allow hoppers to feed items to and from the selected container, barrel, chest etc. when on.
/cprivate The alias of /lwc create private (or /lwc -c private), it creates a private protection.
/cpassword {password} The alias of /lwc create password {password}, it creates a passworded protection.
/cpublic The alias of /lwc create public, it creates a public protection
/cremove Allows you to remove a protection you own you must click on the protection after using /cremove in order to remove it.
/clock / lock Allows you to lock doors and trapped doors. They are not locked by default!
/cunlock {password} Allows you to attempt to gain access to a passworded protection after LWC tells you you attempted to open a password protection.

A full list of LWC commands can be found here


Players can see their current rank, by typing /ranks in the chat. The requirements to rank up to the next rank can be seen by using /rankup.

Advanced Region Market

Certain areas in the world are available to rent, contract, or purchase. These areas are designated by Moderators and above. Players can setup shops or homes in these areas at a cost. There is a slight difference in how each designated region works.

Type Description
Rent These areas are rentals which must be re-rented before their expiration. A timers will begin to update on the sign to let the rentor know how long they have left on that property.
Contracts Contracted area work much like rentals but will autorenew as long as the player has the funds in their account.
Buy Bought real-estate is acquired at a flat cost and remains in the possession of the purchaser ad-infinitum. On Pixelfish, claims will be put back up for purchase if the owner has not logged in for over 90 days (No refunds!!).

Player Driven Economy

The Economy in Pixelfish revolves around the Emerald, Minecraft's default currency. Emeralds can be earned by finding them in the wild or setting up your own Villager trading spot. A player's balance is determined solely on their ingenuity, patience, and creativity. Other items in the game can be converted to and from Emeralds at any of the in-game Banks and Exchange dealers.

We use the Shopkeepers Plugin

Current Exchange Rates

In addition to Exchange dealers at community banks, players can invoke the /sell command to sell any precious metal for in-game currency. This is a quick way to transform the precious goods you find to and from Emeralds. However, keep in mind that these values will fluctuate though and can be affected by the community's market trends.

Diamond Market Values

One Diamond
x 1
Five Emeralds
x 5

Gold Market Values

One Gold Ingot
x 1
Three Emeralds
x 3

Iron Market Values

Four Iron Ingots
x 4
One Emerald
x 1
Midas Coins

Midas Coins

For all those explorers out there, we've hidden valuable loot throughout the map in random places. Among the already valuable loot are 1-5 Midas coins which are are worth 64 EB each! Midas Coins can only be redeemed in the main Spawn Exchange. More information can be found in the Top Notch Bookstore. Are you up to the challenge?


There are numerous communities across the Server. These communities act as hubs for players to access the server bank as well as trade with admin and player shops. Plots can be contracted in these locations to set up a shop or just build a house with easy access to the market. In order to allow these hubs to flourish and grow, dedicated players can be given region access to build and expand them in creative new ways. Players can access these communities using the provided warps at Spawn. All warp requests cost 10 emeralds.

Owners Valley

Pixelfish is all about promoting large-scale communities. We like to think of ourselves as a friendly SMP server for everybody. There are very few limitations aside from the built in GriefPrevention, LWC protections, and Emerald economy. However, with the Shopkeepers plugin, it's easy to start your own Empire and currency on the server, or join up with your friends to make a sprawling oasis. We're looking forward to seeing all the awesome stuff you build!