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Pixelfish Club Server Worlds and Locations

We offer a mix of gameplay for all types of players through multiple worlds. The main server is a SMP experience, but we also offer two adventure mode maps for those who are looking for dungeon crawling thrills and a no-holds barred anarchy map for those who just like to watch the world burn. We are creating new content all the time, so make sure to keep an eye out on Discord for upcoming content!

About Player Run Communities

To get a region created for your group project, submit a ticket in-game using /tickets create or contact us from the site. If your build is awesome enough, we'll showcase it here on the site. Player Regions are completely owned and operated by players and come with a unique public warp (If you want one, that is).


A great place to start!

There are plenty of plots to rent in the Spawn Castle. You can purchase villager shops eggs at the Castle's front desk to sell goods to other players. Admin shops are located upstairs and are open to players the first seven days of every month. Products can be bought in bulk at a premium rate (to stimulate player-focused shops). The spawn bank is the only location on the map that exchanges Midas coins to and from Emeralds; The value of Midas coins changes dynamically through player buy-ins and cash-outs. There is also a large villager trading hub to help new players start making emeralds quickly and multiple shulker unloading spots conveniently throughout each profession lane to unload your bulk stuff. You can teleport to spawn at anytime for free by using the /spawn command.

Villager Trading Hub
Spawn Bank Interior


The official town of the server.

Pixtropolis is currently being rebuilt north of spawn. We are changing the theme this map to a more modern city vs the fairy tale village we had on map one. Pixtropolis serves as a central hub and the server's main town. There will be plots to rent for player shops or homes and a couple premium spots for players to buy out right to be close to a high traffic area.

Terralith Map

An alternate overworld with loads of custom structures!

The upcoming Terralith map sports a 20K block diameter and includes loads of pre-generated structures from awesome vanilla fabric mods such as: Structory, Better Villages, and Yun's stuff. Since the mods don't add any custom blocks or mobs to the game, this is an awesome opportunity for our Vanilla players to get a taste for what possibilities these content mods bring to the game without having to go through the hassle of playing on a modpack. The seed is absolutely gorgeous! Players will be able to claim land and set home locations. The only catch for living and setting up your base in this world is that Nether portals are disabled. Aside from that, you will be able to get to the Terralith Spawn from the main overworld spawn using a portal. There will be a dynmap available once it has been uploaded and opened up! More to follow.

Creative Map

Open landscape to build to your heart's content!

The creative world sports it's own inventory data, so you can't bring anything to or from it and your game mode is set to creative. You can claim space just like you can in the main overworld by using a golden shovel. Claims count toward your normal overall balance. This world is for those who like to build freely. It's also a good place to test out your builds before you construct them in the main SMP overworld.

Anarchy Map

No rules, no protection!

The Anarchy Map offers a place for more freedom-seeking players. There is no grief prevention, PvP is enabled, and there are no rules. Deface the landscape, form factions, tear it up ... whatever you want to do. In this place it doesn't matter. In order to level the playing field from the start, the Anarchy world also maintains it's own inventory and ender-chest player data.


City of Gods...well Nobles and above.

The COG is a mysterious and magical place nestled in a large shattered savannah biome. It hosts numerous unique admin shops that sell valuable gear and items. The COG vote shop is the only vote shop on the map that sells unique totems which give the holder unique effects for an indefinite amount of time. The COG is protected by a powerful force that kills all mobs that attempt to enter. Standing outside it's border is truly a show to behold! Only Nobles and above can enter.

Note: Map One will be deleted January 2023 and there are currently no plans to recreate The COG in it's original form.

Illager Dungeons & Adventures

Pixelfish has secrets - lots of secrets.

Littered throughout the map are mysterious Illager strongholds. It is up to you, the player, to discover and beat the secret Illager Cult at their own game. Large, story-centric dungeons can be found on the map indicated by a skull icon. Not all dungeons can be entered outright! Certain sites may contain keys or other information on how to access other nefarious sites. Enter at your own peril. These Illagers aren't about to let some scrawny noob take their precious treasures!

Note: Map One will be deleted January 2023. We are currently working on new dungeons to place out in the new world. Keep an eye out on Discord for updates.

Night World

Adventure map for danger seekers
Currently in development.

The Night World is an adventure map that can only be accessed using a special item. This item can be found in various places in the main overworld. This place is dangerous and you are in adventure game mode. The air and water are poisonous and it is under constant threat from lightning and heavy storms. Scattered around the imposing Ziggurat at it's center are numerous encampments filled with hostiles and great loot. This map is not for the faint of heart!