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The Noob Guide to Pixelfish

How to start prepared and not die in the first 15 Minutes.

This guide is here to help you get started in our SMP Minecraft community! If you've played Minecraft before then you can probably skim most of this stuff and just focus what's unique about our Server. What follows is a set of recommendations and helpful tips to get you up and started quickly without any rage-quits. Once you've played survival multi-player, you'll immediately be able to appreciate the open-sandbox feel in a procedurally generated world that you can invite your friends to. We thank you for your interest in our community and look forward to seeing what you make!

Getting Started

The first 10 minutes.

1. Basic Kit

Every player gets 20 Emeralds in the bank and the the following items in their inventory once they login for the first time:

  • Stone Sword x1
  • Stone Shovel x1
  • Stone Pick x1
  • Stone Axe x1
  • Bread x16
  • Emeralds x5
  • Minecart x1

2. Explore Spawn

Spawn has a load of Admin shops, plots for rent, and a comprehensive villager trading hub. From the main Spawn pavilion, you can easily get to the Main Nether Hub and the server's official town: Pixtropolis. In spawn, next to the villager trading hub, there is a community warps building which will allow you to jump to a number of protected villages strewn throughout the map. This is a good way to get out of spawn quickly into an area you're interested in. The Spawn Corporate HQ is also the place to get your own villager shop license i.e. a villager egg to create your own shop in the world. You are not limited to creating shops in Spawn or Pixtropolis! You can plop one down right in your own player-made establishment in the wild.

Be warned, warps cost 10 Emeralds each. The amount will be automatically deducted from your initial balance.

Mob spawning in Spawn and Pixtropolis is disabled, giving you plenty of time to figure out your next move in safety.

3. Use the server's Dynmap or the random teleport button

Pixelfish Club uses the Dynmap Minecraft server plugin which is basically a set of Google Maps for our Minecraft worlds. There is a map for all three regular worlds: The Main Overworld, the Main Nether, and the Main End. The map will give you a bird's eye view of cool places you might want to settle down in. You can get the coords in the top left corner as you move the mouse across the world. Once you have your coords, write them down and check your current position by clicking the F3 key - you are looking for the block coords in the top left corner.

You can get your own markers on the map by opening an in game ticket or by using the website's contact form

Spawn Dynmap overview

Check out the map: Click here

If you're not too keen on doing all the leg work to get out in the wilds where no one else is, then you can use the magical random teleport button in the main spawn pavilion to get out real far, fast, and free! There are no guarantees, but you can always use /spawn to give it another go if you don't like where you end up.

4. Must have commands you need to know

A comprehensive list of commands available to you are listed on the server page. However, these are the ones you need to know right out the gate to get a good start. Every player starts with one free home warp location. You can set this location using the command: /sethome [name] (where [name] is any name you choose without spaces). Once you set your home, you can warp there, for free, at anytime by using the command: /home [name]. You can delete or rename this home at anytime by deleting it and creating a new one: /delhome [name] and then /sethome [newname].

As you get established, you will want access to resources. It's perfectly fine to mine all over the map, but if you are about to deface a large area just for a resource i.e. taking all the sand out of a desert, just use /resource tp to get to the resource world. This is a unique overworld which resets every seven days. There is one for the end and the nether too! To get to them just use /resource tp end and /resource tp nether, depending on where you want to go.

Keep in mind that the resource world tp will take you to a random spot. You can die and lose your stuff in the resource world, so be careful! Also, you can not set a home or warp in the resource world.

5. Leave Spawn and start your journey!

Spawn and Pixtropolis offer all cardinal directions to get out quick. From the main spawn pavilion run two rail lines which travel East and West. They go far enough to get out in the world without doing all the work for you. Guess now is a good time to use that free Minecart! Make sure you have a browser with the map open so you can watch yourself move across the world in near real time. Make sure to harvest wood, stone, and anything else you can along the way. One of the most important steps is getting coal, cobblestone, and creating a furnace. You can cook the meat of any animals you kill on the way. That hunger bar will start dropping, don't let it get to the bottom!

Pixelfish Club uses the Harbor plugin to allow the night to pass quickly as long as 50% of online players (staff not included) are sleeping.

Claiming Land

Keeping other people from griefing your stuff.

Starting Out

All players start with 400 claim blocks. Placing down your first chest will create your initial 10 x 10 (100 block) claim, which you can resize as you see fit using a golden shovel. You gain 50 blocks per hour of gameplay up to a maximum of 6000 accrued blocks, but additional blocks can be bought for 0.75 Emeralds each. If you get strapped for cash, you can always sell some of your claim blocks at a reduced rate of 0.50 Emeralds each.

Claim Border example

Claim borders and resizing

You can see the outline of your current claim by right-clicking on the ground with a stick. Your claim will light up with a border of dashed gold blocks with the corners shown as glowstone blocks. Note, this border will disappear after some time. To resize a claim, right click on one of your claim's corner glowstone blocks with a golden shovel. You will then need to click on the block you want the corner to move to. If you have enough claim blocks to perform the transaction, you will see the new claim outlined as before and be greeted with a success message in the chat.

Non-adjacent Claims

If you are just out and about and want to claim an area that isn't connected to any of your current claims, all you need to do is use the golden shovel and right click on the ground. The block you click will turn into a diamond block for reference. You then need to create an opposite corner that is more than a total of 100 blocks (10 x 10 area) using your golden shovel. Once you have created a claim that fulfills the size requirements, the claim will be bordered with dashed gold blocks with the corners of your claim show as glowstone blocks. You can then resize as you see fit if you need to.

Buying more Blocks

Open up a command line using the T key. Type in /buyclaimblocks [number] where [number] is the actual amount of blocks you would like to buy i.e. 200. Buying 200 blocks in this case would cost you 150 Emeralds.

Listing all of your claims

If for some reason you forgot where one of your claims was, you can always get a list of all your claims by the world they are in and the associated coordinates by doing /claimslist.

Managing Trust Lists

You can assign various levels of trust to users within a specific claim. Each trust list applies to the claim you are standing in. This means you will need to do this for each claim you own that you want someone else to have some level of access to. More information on the different commands and levels of trust are listed on the server page.

Making Emeralds

Getting ahead in an item based economy.

Find a Village

They're easy to spot on the map. Settle near a village temporarily to setup an early game cash cow. Farming and stone cutters offer a great way to start making Emeralds. You can deposit any emeralds you make by bringing up the command line using the T key and typing /deposit. This will automatically take any Emeralds from your inventory and deposit them in your bank account!

To the right is a helpful infographic that shows 1.14+ Villager trades. Right click the image and select "View Image" to see it full scale or download it.

Villager Trading Infographic

Find an established player trading hub

Player communities are highly encouraged. Large communities can benefit from free protection by opening a ticket with staff. These protected regions can help consolidate production in a predefined area for it's members to share. Owners of the region can manage members in their region.

Pixelfish Player Community

Play the Market

We have a unique stock exchange system on the server which changes based on real-time player behaviors. These markets revolve around natural resource gathering and utilization. The prices are updated twice daily immediately following the server reset. If you play your cards right, you can make some serious cash. Your actions also affect the market price! Check the prices at any time by using the command: /markets. Learn more on the server page!

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