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Nether Update

Minecraft 1.16

New Mobs. New Items. New Everything! Now Live!

The Nether Update is Live

We will continue to test all our current plugins to make sure everything is still working as intended. The Nether over-world and Resource Nether have both been reset to take advantage of all the new content. Have fun! We'll see you online!

Player Data

The upgrade shouldn't have messed with any current in-game data such as Shopkeepers or your player balance. However, if you run into any issues, open an in-game ticket using /ticket or contact staff using our online contact form.

Map expanded to 8,000 blocks

We expanded the world border out to 8,000 blocks. This means the nether was also expanded to 1,000 blocks. We're going to be watching server performance and will probably take the server down in the upcoming week to do a world border fill to load all the new chunks for better performance. More info will be pushed out through the in-game messages. Stay tuned.

Server Updated to 1.16.4

The server and all supporting major plugins have been updated for 1.16.4.

Spawn Development

We're doing a massive overhaul on spawn! Of particular note, the player shops area is getting a face lift to offer more space and a better layout for finding your favorite shops. We've already plotted a course to expand spawn and hope to have it laid out and built by the end of next month. If you have a stall that will need to be relocated, open a ticket so an admin can help you get everything shifted over. Don't mind the construction - it won't last long!

Midas Coins

The first batch of Midas Coins have been randomly scattered in unique locations throughout the map! A Midas Coin is a special currency that is worth 64 EB and can be redeemed at the main spawn exchange. Some of the locations are challenging to find, but we think it is totally worth it. Do you think you have what it takes to find one of the most valuable items on the server? If so, you might strike it rich! Come join the hunt!

The Dynmap is back up!

The map is officially back online! We updated a lot of the plugins on the server today and 1.16.3 is singing right along so far! There has been a noticeable improvement in resource utilization which equates to a more consistent TPS and much more lag-less experience! See you inside!

Server Update to 1.16.3 and Dynmap Issues

The server was updated to 1.16.3! Along with the update has come some issues with the Dynmap. At this time, there is no information about when the map will come back up. Feedback has been provided to the developer's Github issue tracker. Everything else is working just fine!

Server Update to 1.16.2

The server will be updated to Minecraft 1.16.2 this Saturday, 29 August. With this update comes a load of performance improvements and bug fixes. There is also a new Mob: The Piglin Brute. Join in on the fun and come loot some Bastions with us online!