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The Wild Update

Minecraft 1.19

Now Live!

What to Expect

The plan is to keep the 1.18 map and allow players access to the new biomes using the resource world or a possible future world border expansion. Map 1 (1.17) will be retiring in July or August of 2022. The Nether and End will be reset then as well. Have feedback? Let us know on Discord!

Player Data

The move shouldn't mess with any current in-game data such as Shopkeepers or your player balance. However, if you run into any issues, open an in-game ticket using /ticket or contact staff using our online contact form.

1.19 is now live

The main vanilla server has been upgraded to version 1.19! As of this post, the only two plugins not compatible are Holographic Displays (for our floating text) and the Silk Spawner plugins. In addition to the update, we added a few new structure-focused datapacks to the server to make exploration more rewarding. If you run into any issues with your land claims, shopkeepers, or account balance, contact use here on the site or in-game using the /ticket create command.

Donor Rewards for the Modded Server

We now offer rewards for donors who play on the modded Server! Using the same philosophy as our a vanilla donor rewards, we are trying to keep it as fair and balanced as possible while still offering an incentive to those who would like to support the server. Rewards consist of items that can normally be found in the overworld, but are quite the pain to find: Artifacts. Each artifact grants it's wearer with useful effects or abilities. We chose the most useful of the collection, in our opinion, to offer as a reward for helping keep the server paid for. For top tier donors, you also have the option to receive a full set of Quantum armor, which enables all kinds of new game-play options. However, keep in mind you will need to have the appropriate levels to wear it! Learn more on our newly designed donor page: Learn more

1.18.2 is Live

The main vanilla server has been updated to 1.18.2. This update broke a few, non-critical things: The dynmap is not working, silk-touching spawners is not working, and our holographic displays (aka floating text plugin) isn't working. We'll post updates on Discord once we get these final few plugin issues ironed out. Until then, performance should be noticeably better since this update fixed a lot of technical issues in Minecraft itself. For a complete list of bug fixes and additions in this release, check out the official Minecraft release notes.

Map Two Plans Finalized

Our current map will turn three years old in March. It's been an awesome journey since we launched the server almost three years ago. Since 1.18 changes the terrain so significantly, we knew it was time to start on the new map. We've been putting info out on Discord, and we will continue to do so. As it stands, Map One will be archived and available for download in August 2022. At that time, the Nether and End will be reset to synch with the new world's seed. Since the inventory and Ender Chest data is shared, players won't lose anything as long as you move your stuff prior to the relocation. The only real loss will be claim data. All player's claim data will be lost. Any new claims made in Map Two will not be affected and will be migrated once the world is pushed up to prime-time in August. So, start exploring now to claim your favorite spot!

1.18.1 is now Live!

1.18.1 went live today! All plugins were updated and the only issue so far is the Holographic Displays plugin for our floating text markers. This isn't much of a concern for us at the moment, so we will be waiting patiently until the devs update it to support 1.18. As for the current world, you will now see newly generated caves beneath old chunks. Preliminary inspection shows that everything went smoothly! The only real issue we have encountered from updating is chunk loading performance. This is likely due to Paper not being fully optimized and will probably become negligible when we move to our new dedicated host later this month. As for a new map, yes, we have started working on the new map. The current plan is to keep Map 1 around until July or August 2022 so players have time to move into the new world. The new map will be open for players in mid to late January. The current Nether and End will be reset at that time (July or August 2022) so portals will properly link. Until then, that functionality will not work as intended since the new map will remain a stand alone Multiverse world up until moving it up to prime time. If you encounter any issues, let us know by opening a ticket in game or using our contact form here on the site.

Pixelfish is Relocating!

We are moving hosts near the end of this month. During this time the main server will be down along with the website. The downtime will be minimal and should only last a few hours at most. We're relocating to a dedicated hosting provider which should improve performance all around and allow us to host both a Modded and Vanilla Paper server with room to spare. Also, this move will allow us to increase the size of our World Map and the number of Vanilla Worlds we can operate at once. More info will posted on Discord as we get closer to the move.

Better Minecraft Modded Server

Better Minecraft Modpack Banner

We are embarking on a new journey! Get ready, because we will be opening up a new Modded Minecraft server using the Better Minecraft Modpack for Fabric. Because of the nature and complexity of modded servers, this first go will be a kind of experiment that will feed into future deployment opportunities. Even though the main Pixelfish vanilla server runs buttery smooth, this experiment will allow us to look at other options for multiple Minecraft instances in the future! Additionally, we are looking at expanding our footprint to host a few other small servers for other games. More info will be put out soon - be on the lookout!

1.18 and a New Map

Once 1.18 officially drops on Paper, we will upgrade the current main world to take advantage of the new "sub-bedrock" generation. The new map will be available, simultaneously, as a separate world. The new map will take full advantage of all the new Caves and Cliffs updates and provide the new terrain generation areas for players to build in. Notices will be shot out on Discord and here on the site as our creative team gets close to finishing the new Spawn and Pixtropolis areas letting players know to migrate their stuff. During this transition, the Nether and Main End will remain unaffected. Once we migrate to the new map, the End and the Nether will be reset and the current world will be provided as a world download. For all questions and concerns, contact us here on the site, on Discord, or in-game. This is going to be exciting!

Hall of Hunters

A new building has popped up in Pixtropolis! The mob Reward Shack has moved and expanded into the new Hall of Hunters. Players can cash in Hostile Mob kills for Emeralds. There are currently 27 mobs and more are on the way. At the front of each stall is a button. Clicking this button will show you how many current mob kills you have for that mob. If it is not zero or blank (which means you haven't had your score initialized / killed anything yet), just step into the stall on the pressure plate and your score will be reset and you will get your reward. This is just another way we hope to open the economy up to different play styles. If you have feedback on how we can make it better, let us know!

New Worlds. New ways to play!

There are two new worlds available: Creative and Anarchy. Each world has it's own separate inventory so you can't take anything to or from these worlds. The creative world offers a traditional creative mode experience. Claims are still a thing in the creative world, so you will have to claim your spot to have it protected. The anarchy world is just like it sounds - no rules and no holds barred! In the anarchy map PvP is enabled and there is no Dynmap to help you get around. This map is intended for those who like to play in groups or factions and want a real hardcore minecraft experience. Grief prevention is not enabled in the anarchy world!

Currently, there are two other maps, one of which is open to players right now if they can find the key. The Nightworld is a scary and challenging place with a lot of enemies and cool places to visit. The Nightworld places you in adventure mode, so you can't break any blocks. Another adventure mode map is being developed that focuses on dungeon crawling and puzzles. Each adventure map offers you the ability to gain explorer tokens the longer you explore. You can redeem these tokens later for rewards. More info will be pushed out soon. Be sure to checkout the server locations page for more details!

1.17.1 Online

We have deployed 1.17.1! Unfortunately, the Shopkeepers plugin has some issues with this release and all player and admin shops are unavailable at the moment (no data has been lost). The developer is working on a fix. Until then, enjoy the many great performance increases this update offers! Mojang has done a lot of stability improvements and it is trickling down into Spigot and Paper as the weeks progress. We will update Discord when we get the Shopkeepers plugin back up and running so make sure you are following us.

1.17 Online

We have deployed 1.17! A backup has been made just in case we run into any serious issues, but so far everything is working pretty well. There have been some issues with Shopkeepers spawning regular villagers (in addition to the shopkeeper), but no serious issues with the Shopkeepers themselves. The resource world has been reset to take advantage of the new 1.17 block types. Performance is still not where it needs to be, but if you run into any serious in-game issues, let us know! We will be watching performance and tweaking things as Paper matures into more stable builds. Other than that, have fun!

1.17 Progress

We tried upgrading the server today, but unfortunately it looks like 1.17 is still not ready for deployment. Namely, we had issues with the Shopkeepers plugin, which is essential to our in-game economy. This process caused the server to be down for about 30 minutes. Everything has been restored from our local backup. We will continue to test 1.17 offline and wait patiently until the Shopkeepers plugin updates. More to follow.

Minecraft Announcement

We have mixed feelings about the two-part release, but the announcement did provide a positive message about 1.17 being compatible with old worlds. We expect to upgrade the server initially with the summer release as soon as it drops on PaperMC to get some of the new blocks and mobs. However, we are still unsure on how this new generation, which is expected to be released near the end of the year, will affect newly rendered chunks on the current map. There is still plenty of space and expanding the map a few thousand blocks should be doable.

Economy Overhaul

We ran into some issues with signs during this last update. So, we are taking this opportunity to rework the withdrawal and depositing system. All exchanges, except for the spawn bank, have been removed throughout the world and will be replaced by a much more intuitive and accessible set of commands: /withdraw and /deposit. We expect to have the new commands online by tomorrow. Until then, the only means of withdrawing emeralds is at the main spawn bank. If you are having issues with signs near your settlement, open a ticket in game or here on the site.

Open for trading!

Version one of our custom stock plugin is up! Learn more on the Server page. The system is simple, numbers are pulled twice daily from total material produced vs used vs sold. After all the crazy, mind-numbing calculation, a share price is created. You can buy and sell your shares from anywhere in the world. More markets will be opening up if players enjoy it! Commands and other info is also available in the main PFX Exchange at spawn.

Precious Metal Exchange

There is a new mini-game coming to the server that is actually based on player behavior! Each week the statistics of ores mined, sell transactions, and crafted material for all players will be fed into an algorithm which will change "interest value" in shares you will be able to buy from the PFx. The value of each market share will change as the "interest" algorithm changes. The markets currently planned are: Netherite, Diamond Ore, Gold Ore, Iron Ore, and Lapis Ore. Base prices will be set this month to get it started, but after that everything will be automated on the server. Since everything is actually based on real-time stats, there is a very immersive level of realism and randomness which should make for an entertaining experience! Realtime stats will be published here on the website for all you market aficionados!

LWC Removal

We will be removing the LWC plugin this weekend. GriefPrevention is well-suited for individual protections and LWC offers no real benefit to our players. Bottom line: if you have any chests or other protected items outside of a claim, they will be unprotected by Friday 12 February!

Two new Ranks Added!

Two new ranks have been added! Players now have a pathway to keep XP (Legend) and gear (Immortal) on death! Be sure to head over to the server information page to learn more!

Leaderboard and 1.16.5

A new leaderboard is up and live! In the upcoming months we will be implementing a monthly reward system for the top players! Additionally, we will be updating the server to the latest version: 1.16.5 next weekend.

Map expanded to 8,000 blocks

We expanded the world border out to 8,000 blocks. This means the nether was also expanded to 1,000 blocks. We're going to be watching server performance and will probably take the server down in the upcoming week to do a world border fill to load all the new chunks for better performance. More info will be pushed out through the in-game messages. Stay tuned.

Server Updated to 1.16.4

The server and all supporting major plugins have been updated for 1.16.4.

Spawn Development

We're doing a massive overhaul on spawn! Of particular note, the player shops area is getting a face lift to offer more space and a better layout for finding your favorite shops. We've already plotted a course to expand spawn and hope to have it laid out and built by the end of next month. If you have a stall that will need to be relocated, open a ticket so an admin can help you get everything shifted over. Don't mind the construction - it won't last long!

Midas Coins

The first batch of Midas Coins have been randomly scattered in unique locations throughout the map! A Midas Coin is a special currency that is worth 64 EB and can be redeemed at the main spawn exchange. Some of the locations are challenging to find, but we think it is totally worth it. Do you think you have what it takes to find one of the most valuable items on the server? If so, you might strike it rich! Come join the hunt!

The Dynmap is back up!

The map is officially back online! We updated a lot of the plugins on the server today and 1.16.3 is singing right along so far! There has been a noticeable improvement in resource utilization which equates to a more consistent TPS and much more lag-less experience! See you inside!

Server Update to 1.16.3 and Dynmap Issues

The server was updated to 1.16.3! Along with the update has come some issues with the Dynmap. At this time, there is no information about when the map will come back up. Feedback has been provided to the developer's Github issue tracker. Everything else is working just fine!

Server Update to 1.16.2

The server will be updated to Minecraft 1.16.2 this Saturday, 29 August. With this update comes a load of performance improvements and bug fixes. There is also a new Mob: The Piglin Brute. Join in on the fun and come loot some Bastions with us online!